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Hey it's Omar & Dave here!

This is one of the most valuable marketing lessons we ever learned.

"Targeted traffic is the most important asset of ANY online business."

Ask any successful and experienced Internet marketer and he'll tell you
most online businesses fail due to lack of TRAFFIC!

By far, the most important thing you need for your online business

We've learned (the hard way) that there is no better source of targeted
web traffic than AFFILIATES.

Whether you're launching a brand new product or you have an evergreen

Having done multiple 6 Figure launches we can tell you from
EXPERIENCE that you can not put this off. The formula for a profitable
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When we realized how powerful this simple formula really was, we
decided to create a tool that guaranteed our affiliates would DRIVE

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It's quite simple, affiliates are the traffic driving engine behind any
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You need to start creating JV pages that attract affiliates and give
them the tools and resources that make them successful and make you

That's Exactly Why We Created

Exactly what you need to build an army of affiliates. Affiliate
Builder allows you to
create stunning JV pages so that affiliates can
personalize all their tools at the click of a button.

This WordPress Plugin Converts

ordinary JV pages into super affiliate magnets
that give your JVs all the tools they need to promote your products and
make you more money.

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Here's What REAL USERS Are Saying About This Tool:

Since I've used this plugin sales have been coming in. Why? Because
it's easy for affiliates to promote. I thoroughly recommend Affiliate
Builder, this thing gets my two thumbs up.Thank you Omar, Dave &
Melinda for giving me the opportunity to test this out and review it
before you went public with it. Totally grateful for all the extra
money I made from having it.
Anthony Aires Anthony Aires

Talk about time saving! I was looking for a way to speed up the process
when it came to creating my JV Tools page and thats exactly what your
plugin has done. You guys have really listened to what the market and
created a fantastic product thats works to save us loads of time or
effort. Plus not forgetting all the training you've added in the
members area... is simply brilliant!
Eamon Diamond Eamon Diamond

I can say with absolute certainty that no one is more responsible for
the success of my product launches than Omar Martin. The precise
actionable strategies that Omar has shared with me has resulted in
significant profitable growth in the marketing of my products and
services. Believe me when I tell you that what you will learn inside of
the Affiliate Builder members area will challenge everything you think
you know about recruiting affiliates and JV partners.
Lonnie Robinson Lonnie Robinson

If you are an online business owner like me you know that your
affiliates and the use of promoting your products with affiliates are
key when it comes to succeeding on the Internet. I have to say that
Team Martin (Omar & Melinda) together with Dave Nicholson have over
delivered with the Affiliate Builder (these 3 always over deliver in
everything they do) This software and training is FANTASTIC and your
affiliates will be thanking YOU for making their job so much easier and
Matthew Crump Matthew Crump

The Affiliate Builder members area is full of powerful resources
and video training that you can refer to again and again. You'll have
lifetime access so whenever you plan to launch a product just log in
and get back up to speed!

We've made this really simple for anyone to use, no technical skills
needed whatsoever, if you can point and click you're half way there if
you can drag and drop you're all the way home!
* No More Guessing Games
* No More "Hoping" You Get It Right
* No More Taking Days To Create What This Does In Minutes!


We are so confident that you're going to love this product that we're
willing to give you a complete "no questions asked" 30 day money back
satisfaction guarantee on this purchase!

We've Participated In Hundreds Of Product Launches & These JV Tools
Work Every Single Time!

Our names are consistently seen on BOTH sides of the leaderboard as
both VENDORS and AFFILIATES, so you can rest assured that we are
teaching you the most cutting edge tactics from EXPERIENCE.

The Sooner You Start Using Affiliate Builder


Plain and simple... Your affiliates will bring you the traffic. You
need to identify your affiliates FIRST. Don't wait until AFTER you're
product is done to start attracting affiliates. By then it's too late.

Grab Affiliate Builder RIGHT NOW at the very special price that we are
offering it for at the moment and start building your very own...

Traffic Generating
Affiliate Engine!


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* The Affiliate Builder WordPress Plugin
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* JV Blog Development Tutorial Videos
* 1 Year Of Free Support & Software Upgrades
* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Affiliate Builder-


More REAL RESULTS From Real People Like You:

If you have products to promote, or if you are thinking of creating one
I suggest you grab Affiliate Builder now! I used it on my recent launch
and the results were incredible. I actually received messages and
comments from JV's thanking me for giving them the tools to promote. I
helped them make money! When you empower your affiliates AMAZING things
happen! Thank you Omar & Dave for giving me this power!
Brian Oliver Brian Oliver

If you're serious about attracting top affiliates and growing your
business then you MUST buy this plugin. I can say without hesitation
that the quality of the training inside the members area and tools is
top notch because I use them for my own online marketing business. You
are learning from a team that has consistently proven to be honest,
knowledgeable and producing transformational income online.
Cris Cabo Cris Cabo

I've been using the Affiliate Builder plugin for over 18 months now and
I have to say that it has helped me generate TENS of THOUSANDS of
dollars more from each launch I have done. I LOVE it so much that I
even get my high ticket students to use it on their launches and they
ALL love it too! The training inside the members area is OUTSTANDING
and coupled with this software it's an absolute no-brainer. This rocks!
John Thornhill John Thornhill

It's Time To Start Attracting Your Own Affiliate Army!

As you can see by these testimonials, smart marketers are LOVING
this because they understand the need for a powerful JV page to attract
affiliates and make MORE MONEY.

Now it's time for you to take action and access your copy of the
Affiliate Builder plugin while it's still available at this low
discounted price. Jump on board right now!

To Your Continued Success,


Yes! Please Let Me In Right Now!

* The Affiliate Builder WordPress Plugin
* Unlimited Sites - Developer License
* Lifetime Access To The Members Area
* JV Blog Development Tutorial Videos
* 1 Year Of Free Support & Software Upgrades
* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Affiliate Builder-


We Look forward To Welcoming You In The Members Area

When you complete your payment with PayPal our system will
automatically navigate you to the registration page where you can
create your own user name and password. You can contact our support
team if you need help HLSHelpDesk

molumen_phone_icon Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns

A Team With A Rock Solid Reputation

This seller has a 100% approval rating at IMTrustWorthy. You can log
into IMTW for feedback and ratings from other buyers.




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